Einfach Kurt & Gunned Down Horses

Wednesdaynight Live!



DOUBLE FEATURE! Escape, feel like a stranger in your own city, find a lover for the night and drown your sorrows in unique performance and sound. Be there with us for a nickel night to remember.

Einfach Kurt is a singersongwriter who sets the term singersongwriter in a totally different daylight. Or rather nightlight: Einfach Kurt makes dark popmusic about the seamy side of life.
Watch! https://youtu.be/2wEfa1lniGM

Gunned Down Horses: Mesmerizing, decadent, neurotic, charming, cinematic, moving, erotic and just GOD DAMN HARD NOT TO DANCE TO are just few words used by the crowd again and again to describe the musical event which is the band GUNNED DOWN HORSES.


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