Strength Through Unity

2018: Gelderland


The passionate youngsters from TAKE NO PRISONERS broke onto the scene in 2016 without holding back. With their outspoken views on social matters and with personal stories they confront you with every-day struggles while maintaining a positive attitude. Besides the rather heavy themes passing by in their music, TNP is a raw unpredictable beast when it comes to their sound.

The Amsterdam-based outfit could best be described as Melodic Hardcore and Post-Hardcore in mainlines, with influences of Emo and even shades of Youth Crew Hardcore that can easily be found. Whatever you want them to be labeled as, the band breathes an intense energy, seeks direct contact with everyone in the room and is very honest and open about what's on their mind, which often makes their sets an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Wolfer is a Dutch melodic hardcore band that started early 2015 under Unite Records. The band lineup consists of Kevin (guitar), Andrei (guitar), Andrew (vocals), Carl (bass) and Frank (drums). All members are (or have been) playing in other hardcore bands. Influences are bands like Touché Amoré, Worthwhile, Hundredth, Defeater.
The band makes in-your-face hardcore with catchy melodies, rhythms to dance to and screams from the heart. Wolfer released their first EP Old Ghosts & Present Demons in 2016.
In March of 2017 Wolfer joined forces with Mexican Hardcore heroes Eternidad to release a splitrecord. Under The Same Sky is available on:

After years spent playing in hardcore bands (New Morality/Strike First), a couple of fools decided to slow down their riffs and rip off their old skin. Haunting, draining, exhilarating and laying waste to everything on their path.
Lifelong brings you riffs thick like smoke. Slow, painful, heavy and steeped in filth. A furious blizzard of stoner metal with a hardcore vibe, Black Sabbath meets Cro-Mags, or just the dark side of the blues gone wrong. Call it what you want, just bang your head to these towering guitars with weighty riffs, thunderous drum patterns and savage vocals.

Beerbottle Chopsticks
Skatepunk/Garage band whatever.
Plug 'n play -> Go hard or go home
living for the live show!
See ya

to live among wolves
Combining hard hitting riffs and passionate melodies with a message right from the heart.

Hi we are 'De Raggertjes' and we play PUNK!